Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kitchen Colors

As of now our kitchen still looks something like this:

No paint yet.  But we've been thinking about colors so that when we're ready to paint we'll have an idea of what we're going with.  Remember our post on Purple In The Kitchen?  Well sure enough, here's the pallet we're settled on for right now:

What do you think?   Here's the palette from Behr, including a color that approximately matches those (grimy old) counter tiles:

The white, "moon rise" will be the cabinet color, but we're not quite sure about the other colors.  The kitchen is divided into two sections, the main area and a sort of nook area that leads to the basement door.  We were thinking about doing the main section in "delicious berry" and the other area in the "gray timber wolf." has a tool that allows you to upload a picture and paint the walls to get an idea of what different colors would look like.  Here's what we did to the photo at the top of this post:

So what if we switched the colors?  Well, it would look something like this:

Not great images, but it gives you the idea.  So which do you like better?

1 comment:

  1. Purple as the main... at first when i read "purple in the kitchen" I made a little squishy face. "Well... it's your kitchen and your house..." I thought. But the purple I was thinking was a super light lavender color (our bathroom growing up was once that color...) but now that I've seen the REAL purple? Yes. Purple as the main color :)


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