Friday, August 5, 2011

Love List and Pinterest

We just created a Pinterest account!  If you don't know, is a site that allows you to gather images from anywhere online all in one place.  This is really helpful for any kind of interest that requires inspiration.  It would have been really helpful when we were planning our wedding but it will be great for compiling inspiration for our home.  We're just starting it up but you can check out what we've gathered so far at

One of the boards that we started on Pinterest is our Love List.  This is a collection of products and items that we love from various sources.  It is not an advertisement or endorsement for anything, just a little bit of inspiration.  Some of them are things we might actually purchase, some are things we wish we could afford and some are just things we really really like.  We wanted to share some things that we've added to our Love List so far.  Hope you find them as beautiful and inspiring as we do!

Scott Lifshutz watercolor Pillow from West Elm

Locally made reclaimed Fissure Table from EcoPDX

Swiss Family Robinson Coasters from Coasting Along

Bungalow Fan by Casablanca Fan Company

Shallow Left Center Print by Don Hamerman at 20X200

Check out our entire Love List and watch for new things we love here:

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