Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekend Clearing and a Teaser

Before we get too far into the week we want to share one of the projects we worked on over the weekend.  While the weather is still nice (it might not be much longer around here) we wanted to get some more work done in the garden.  So we cleared out one of our favorite little corners that was pretty overgrown.  This corner of the garden is shady and quiet and is the view right outside the room we've been sleeping in (we've been sleeping on the futon so we're hesitant to call it the bedroom just yet).

The photo above was actually taken a little bit into the process.  All the stuff at the bottom of the picture was pulled out of that area.  Apparently this corner had been a bit of a dumping ground.  On top of all the stuff, and the weeds, this tree was spreading and sprouting all over the place.

The sprouts were coming out of the roots of the tree, so they couldn't just be dug up but each one had to be cut down below ground level.  With all that digging we found all kinds of little critters like this little roly poly friend:

We also managed to uncover part of the concrete path that runs through some of the back yard.  Thanks to our handy sweeper nozzle we were able to get it pretty clean.  We also took the opportunity to give the house a little cleaning, too.

Eventually we'll plant some grass in this area, but for now it at least looks a little bit neater.

Here's the next garden project we plan to tackle:

Okay, here's a little preview of what's happening around here over the next couple of days.  Can you guess what's happening?

And check back tomorrow for the other project we finished over the weekend:  the closet!

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