Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Toilet Post

So what?  Sometimes you just have to do a post about the toilet.  Remember our awesome shag carpet toilet from back when we bought the house?

The toilet was promptly de-shagged after we moved in but for quite some time it still sported a very old-people padded toilet seat.  How much more awesome does it get?

Recently we finally sprung for a $7 Bemis molded wood toilet seat from Home Depot.  Hey big spender.  So here you go: shiny, clean, and much less creepy.

Of course, our toilet overhaul couldn't end there.  The throne is rather old and we were feeling like we were literally flushing money down the toilet with each tip of the handle.  So we decided to invest another $20 into the pot for a HydroRight Dual-Flush kit, also from Home Depot.


The kit installed really easily despite the slightly less-than-thorough directions.  We set both the low flush and the high flush settings to use the least possible amount of water and so far so good.  Fancy.

When we went to put the lid back on the toilet, we made a little discovery about just how old our toilet really is.  Check out the stamp on the underside of the lid:

The previous owners must have installed it right after they moved in.  But it's still chugging [kind of a gross image - sorry], so we'll stick with it for now.  Especially now that it's a little bit friendlier to the earth.

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  1. I had to comment after giggling as I read this, (while sitting on the throne, btw...TMI, LOL!). I'm not sure where you live, however, when my husband and I bought our 1st home here in Fl., we learned about a program that would allow us to replace 1 of our old, water-wasting toilets, FREE OF CHARGE. All we had to do was call our county's water company, give them some information, (e.g. make/model & age of existing toilet) & they came to our home within a few days to install a brand new, low flow toilet. While it wasn't a designer or expensive toilet, it was an American Standard, a brand we knew & trusted, and it looked as nice as some I had seen that were much more expensive, and it was FREE! We never had a problem with it, so when we moved into our current home, I called to see if I could have 1 of the 3 toilets replaced, as they ALL looked old & worn out, & none worked properly. But, after giving them the info they needed, they told me that the previous owners must have already replaced all of the original toilets with lesser quality, CHEAP ones, therefore, we were no longer eligible for the program. My advice for anyone who is moving into a house that is not brand new, and does not have low flow toilets, is check to see if your county/state/township sponsors such a program. Not only can you get a free toilet, (who doesn't like anything for free?), but, you're actually helping save water for yourself, as well as the entire community. Just imagine if all of your neighbors, the schools, the retailers, etc., in your county participated in such a program. Not only would you save $ on your water bill, but the positive impact on the environment would be great!


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