Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Washing and More

This was another busy weekend outside of the house, but we did manage to get out and do a little more work on the front of the house.  The hard stuff is done, but the whole thing was still looking pretty dirty.  We recently bought a high pressure hose nozzle, so we put it to use for a little pressure washing.  

The porch was dirty, but look how disgusting the front of the house was!

Gross.  Now that the house is a little bit cleaner, we can move forward with patching up some of that paint!  We also did a little garden maintenance this weekend including some (more!) raspberry picking, some weeding, and trimming back this tree that was shading our lilies:

Here's what it looks like after its haircut:

It looks so puny now, but those lilies have a lot more light.  Other weekend activities included a visit from our four year old next door neighbor, a trip to see Harry Potter with some good friends and faithful blog readers (hi Ryan) and a visit with this baby:

It was a good weekend!

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