Sunday, July 17, 2011

Over the Weekend

Despite some rainy weather and lots of work and school work that had to be taken care of this weekend we managed to get a few things done around here over the last few days.

We removed all of the last little bits of the enclosure from our front porch and started scraping the paint in the areas where it is peeling.  We will pressure wash the whole thing then paint the exposed areas to protect them until we can do the whole house.

Orchid got a little taste of the outdoors (literally at some moments) on her leash.  We don't plan to let our cats outdoors on their own even though we have such a nice neighborhood and yard.  It's just safer for them to stay indoors.

We did a little yard work, including cutting back the big rhododendron in front of our house.  More photos on that later.

We got out and harvested our raspberries.  Until now we've just been picking at them, but we wanted to take advantage while we still have them, so we pretty much cleaned the bushes off.  What a crop!

Finally, we enjoyed some Sunday morning rain and a breakfast of fresh eggs from our next door neighbors chickens!  Orchid kept her exploration indoors.

Top projects for the week ahead are:  Weeding the garden, pressure washing the porch, painting the bare spots on the porch, looking into getting recycled porch paint (more on that if we are successful!), and continuing to work on the kitchen so that we can start using those cabinets.  We'll see how it goes!

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