Monday, July 18, 2011

Bees, Blueberries and Garlic

Today I ventured out between some lingering raindrops to find a little raspberry plant that I could uproot and bring to a friend at work.  I was fairly sure that there were some pots in the old shed in the back yard that I could give to her to get her new plant started.

Sure enough there was a perfect little pot inside, but fortunately before I ventured in to retrieve it I just happened to notice what was hanging directly above it.

Eek!  I'm not sure what we're going to have to do about that.  Bees are wonderful for our garden, but they kind of make this shed unusable for as long as they decide to stay.  Fortunately, there was a long pole right inside the door of the shed and I was able to reach the pot and drag it out.  It was the perfect size for this little raspberry plant that had ventured away from the rest of our bushes.

While I was outside, I decided to check on the blueberry bush that lives at the back of our yard.  It looks like the berries are just about ready to be picked!  I tasted a few but didn't pick any because we are still working on all those raspberries from the weekend.  Blueberries will be up next!

I also harvested some of the garlic that is taking over our yard.  The flowers are really interesting, but they spread quickly when left unattended and they are everywhere!  As you can imagine, they also make our yard quite fragrant.  Garlic takes two years to mature, but this stuff must have been around for a while because look how much I found in just a few minutes!

The garden is a lot of work, but it is amazing how much we are getting out of it already.  I am looking forward to future years when we can really focus on keeping it beautiful and bountiful!  - Caroline

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