Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful Old Fixer and Green Shag Carpet

On Saturday we went out and looked at five houses with our real estate agent.  I wanted to share a few photos from two of the houses that turned out to be really good possibilities for us.

The first houses we looked at is located in a beautiful quiet neighborhood in North Portland.  The location is a little bit outside of our ideal area, but a house like this just might be worth it.  The house is priced high in our range and would need a lot of work, including a lot of lead paint removal, but the potential is just gorgeous.

The second house we saw also has a lot of potential, but needs some serious help.  The house was built in 1923, but we couldn't stop laughing at the bad mid-century decor.  On top of it all, this house has this crazy track layout.  All the rooms have two doors and connect to each other, so you could literally do laps through the rooms for some extra exercise.

How long do you think that "no peddlers" sign has been there?  We love the potential for both of these houses along with one of the others that we saw yesterday (how did we not get a picture of the space-aged metal cabinets in that one!?).  More to come... we're getting closer!

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