Friday, August 26, 2011

Closet Preview + Something Unexpected

We're planning on finishing our bedroom closet this weekend (finally!) and I am so excited to have a closet again that I thought I'd share a little sneak peek!  Here's a reminder of the ugly fake wood paneling that was:

Yep, I went and got into the Picnik photo editor again.  Here is what the closet looks like right now:

And here is the something unexpected.  I was about to paint the shelves the same color that we used in the rest of the closet when I was suddenly struck by a moment of inspiration: why not mix it up a little?  We happen to have just received a few little paint samples of some various shades of greens and blues.  So on a whim, I grabbed one of the samples that had the most paint left in it and got to painting:

So the creamy, dreamy colors of our brand new closet are now:

The first is Martha Stewart's Whetstone Gray and the second is Behr's Southern Breeze but it is actually color matched in Martha Stewart paint.  I love the combination and can't wait to see how it will look when the whole closet is together!

Here is something else that's unexpected:

We got a tip while we were at the Benjamin Moore paint store last week that you can store your paintbrushes and rollers in the refrigerator (wrapped in plastic, of course) if you are continuing to use the same paint instead of washing them between every use.  I was getting sick of washing my rollers, so I decided to get it a try.  As far as I could tell a refrigerated roller worked just as well as a clean one, although I might not try it for extended periods of time or if I was painting something that I wanted to look really perfect.  But, especially if you just need to set your brush down to grab some lunch, it's a great tip!  - Caroline

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