Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Purple in the Kitchen

In between packing I've been doing a lot of thinking about decorating the new house.  One of the first projects we'll have to tackle will be the kitchen.  We want to take advantage of the overlap of the house and apartment to make the kitchen livable before we have to start bringing in food and dishes.  I've always been a fan of light, bright kitchens, but for some reason my mind has been stuck on dark wall colors with the kitchen's already light cabinets and countertops.  Maybe I'm remembering Joi's dark gray kitchen with her white cabinets:

Purple seems to be a rare color in decorating, and I can't say it's much more present in our own home, but purple does seem to me like an appropriate color to find in a kitchen.  Maybe it's just that purple appears more often in nature and in food than it does in our homes.  I don't know what color we'll finally land on for the kitchen but for now, here is some purple inspiration from food, kitchen design and other decor.

Check out all our purple inspiration...

[Click on each images to see its original location.]


Purple in design?  Purple in the kitchen?  We're mulling it over.

What do you think?

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