Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sewer Time!

Yeay!  Welcome to our first official post as homeowners!!  We went to the title company on Monday and signed all the paperwork and on Tuesday afternoon we got the keys!  Now that the house is ours it's down to business.  Yesterday we started the sewer repair process.  The neighbors have already disconnected their sewer pipe from ours, so all we have to do is replace ours.  The current pipe exits out the back of the house and circles around the side out to the street, so we are completely removing the old pipe then laying a new, shorter pipe exiting out the side of the house.  The whole process amazingly involves only a few holes.  They dug one hole in front of the house where our pipe connects to the main line, one along the side of the house at the exit point and one in the basement where the pipe will be coming through to hook up to the plumbing.  Everything else happens underground.  Apparently they just suck the old pipe out and shove the new one right through.  It's all pretty impressive.

In the picture directly above you can see the new sewer pipe sticking out of the hole.  Just before I snapped this picture they were nudging the pipe in with the backhoe while someone in the hole (who is actually still in there in this shot) was guiding it in.

Since they are digging up the floor anyway we also asked if they would move the floor drain in the basement, which we realized is actually in the exact spot where we were planning on putting our new dryer next week.  It will cost us a few extra bucks, but it's better then having someone come out to move it later.  You can see a little zig zag in the trench in the photo above where they're going to put in the new drain.  We're excited that things are getting done!!

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