Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Fireplace Makeover

Exciting news... we're meeting with a real estate agent this week!  A good friend recommended that we work with this particular agent and we're excited to meet her!  We are mainly looking to find out if she thinks that our plans for purchasing are reasonable, what she thinks the level of risk is since we are not planning on keeping this house forever and what the next steps are for us.  We'll be bringing along our financial information, our Needs vs. Wants list and the list of neighborhoods that we're interested in and we'll see what she says!

Speaking of our needs vs. wants list, remember when we said we want a fireplace?  Well if we do end up with one and it turns out to be ugly (we hope so!), this $82 fireplace makeover from The Lettered Cottage will be a great inspiration.  Click on the pictures to check out the full post or visit



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