Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Follow Us!

Hi readers!  While we're waiting on more house updates to share with you we wanted to take a moment to encourage you to follow us here on blogger!  Just because we've found a house doesn't mean this blog is going anywhere.  We want to make sure that all of our wonderful readers are with us while we transform our new house into a beautiful home.

Clicking the follow button on the left side of your screen will help you find your way back to us and will show us your support as one of our readers.

If you'd like to be notified whenever we have new updates about our progress with our new house you can also subscribe to this blog.  By subscribing you can add our blog to a blog reader of your choice such as your google homepage or your google reader.  Then whenever you open it up you'll be able to see if we've shared something new!

Now you can now also subscribe by email!  This is the easiest way to find out when we've made new post.  Each afternoon, if we've made a new post that day, blogger will send you an email letting you know and a link to the post.  You'll never miss a house update!

Finally, if facebook is your chosen mode of communication, you can also follow us on networked blogs.  Check out our networked blogs page here:  Simply click the follow button on the right-hand side and if you'd like, you can rate our blog, too!

Following us in any (or all) of these ways will help us and you stay connected.  Not only will following us help you to return to twoseekhome so that you can continue to watch our progress as first time home buyers owners, but it will help us get to know our readers.  The readership of this blog has far exceeded our expectations in popularity in just a few months, and we would love to know who you all are! 

Thank you to everyone for reading, and watch for more house updates at the end of this week!

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